Go green and grow your business

We understand the pressures businesses face when supplying the UK film and television industry. We can help you demonstrate your commitment to reducing your emissions.

Tackling film's supply chain emissions

The majority of a film’s carbon footprint (80%) is attributed to the emissions of small and medium-sized enterprises that support the industry, and studios are starting to address this issue.

Our consultancy services and carbon tracking solutions will help companies manage their carbon footprints and reduce emissions before supply chain (Scope 3) regulations come into effect.

Through Roots and our Green Supplier Network our aim is to provide a resource framework and guidance throughout your environmental journey. 

Supporting companies through our network

The Green Supplier Network will be designed to provide businesses with a community to share knowledge, experience and ideas, as well as bespoke advice and resources from industry experts.

Our guides, resources, instant impact reduction kit and strategic planning services can help empower you on your sustainability journey – from quick wins right through to delivering sustainable projects long-term.


Give your business the competitive edge

  • Compliance is just around the corner and studios are now requesting net zero plans from their supply chain.
  • Stay ahead and showcase your dedication to reducing your emissions.
  • Carbon reduction strategies can often boost efficiency and help you save on expenses.
  • Display the Roots logo on your website, marketing materials and job quotes.
  • Based on your commitment,  we can include you in our preferred supplier lists for studios and productions.

We can uncover what studios will expect from their supply chain’s sustainability commitments and provide a clear understanding of what Scope 3 means for your business” Jimmy Keeping

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