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Insights from Green Supplier Survey launched at The Media Production Show


This survey highlights the challenges suppliers face and pinpoints the critical need for enhanced support, education, and resources.

You can download two versions of the report here: 

Green Supplier Survey Report (Full Report)

Green Supplier Survey Report (Executive Summary)

Sustainable Film reveals key insights on environmental sustainability in film and TV supply chain

We are delighted that Sustainable Film Director and Co-Founder Amelia Price will launch the findings from Green Supplier Survey Report at the ‘BAFTA albert Sustainability Series: Planning for 2030 – Steps to a Sustainable Supply Chain‘ panel at this year’s Media Production and Technology Show (Wednesday 15th May).

With the entertainment sector facing increasing pressure to meet ambitious sustainability targets, both on and off screen, the survey spotlights the critical role that supply chains play in achieving these goals. Despite their significant impact, suppliers have traditionally been left without the needed attention, analysis, or guidance to foster sustainable practices compared to their counterparts in productions and studios.

In collaboration with Creative England’s Filming in England and supported by their recently launched National Supplier Directory aimed at promoting local and green sourcing, Sustainable Film embarked on this survey to explore challenges and barriers to sustainable practices among SMEs in the industry.

What challenges are our suppliers in Film & TV Production facing?

The report demonstrates the pivotal role of the supply chain in steering the industry towards environmental responsibility, but highlights the need for additional support and guidance for SMEs to help them reduce carbon emissions, create sustainability plans and reduce their impact.

The data reveals a promising trend: 83% of suppliers have embraced environmental objectives. Yet, there’s a noticeable disconnection in action, with only 41% tracking their carbon emissions, pinpointing a crucial area for development. The survey also brings to light the main hurdles to sustainable practices, which include financial (49%), time (37%), and a lack of clear guidance from the industry (29%).

“This survey serves as a crucial instrument for understanding the sustainability challenges our partners confront. Our findings enable us to intensify our support, guiding them towards fully integrating and showcasing sustainability within their business models. I’m eager to discuss these insights further at the BAFTA albert Sustainability Series during the Media Production Show.” Amelia Price Co-Founder, Sustainable Film

Hannah Macleod of Filming in England adds: “This report is crucial for addressing sustainability challenges within the supply chain. Through our National Supplier Directory, we’re excited to guide production towards more sustainable decisions.”

Key Findings Highlight Critical Areas For Improvement:

      • The Call for Support: An overwhelming majority (67%) of participants are crying out for more guidance and support to foster sustainable initiatives.

      • The Power of Environmental Credentials: It’s clear that green credentials are not just nice-to-have but crucial, with 83% of suppliers affirming it significantly influences their business prospects.

    Strategic Steps Forward:

        • Bridging the Knowledge Gap: To bridge the knowledge and resource gap, offering all suppliers access to tailored industry-specific guides, workshops, and templates dedicated to carbon footprinting, environmental strategy creation, and practical emission reduction measures.

        • Fostering Collaboration: The establishment of a sustainable suppliers network to facilitate the exchange of best practices and solutions, enhancing industry-wide collaboration towards environmental stewardship.

        • Raising Awareness: Launching campaigns to heighten awareness about sustainability accolades and certifications, assisting suppliers in both achieving and promoting their commitment to green practices, including but not limited to the Albert Supplier List, ISO14001, and B-Corp certifications. This aims to assist suppliers in both achieving and prominently displaying their commitments to sustainability.

      Would you like to understand your environmental footprint?

      Sustainable Film can help you to understand your footprint and identify where your biggest impacts lie. 

      If you’d like us to help you set short and long-term targets please get in touch. We offer free 20 minutes consultation sessions with the film & TV supply chain.

      Our consultancy services and carbon tracking solutions will help companies manage their carbon footprints and reduce emissions before supply chain (Scope 3) regulations come into effect.

      Through Roots and our Green Supplier Consultancy our aim is to provide a resource framework and guidance throughout your environmental journey. 

      “As a Director and Founder of OnBio, I’ve witnessed firsthand the pivotal role sustainability plays in our industry. Sustainable Film’s Green Supplier survey has shed a fresh light on the need to understand our own carbon footprint from a supplier’s view and provide practical ways to lessen it. The insights from the survey will surely guide the industry towards a unified approach to sustainability, including the often overlooked specialist small businesses that support it. I’d like to thank Sustainable Film for their insightful, knowledgeable support and for kickstarting this crucial movement towards a greener UK film and TV industry.”

      Tom Crooke, Managing Director, OnBio