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Give your business the edge with the Roots carbon calculator 

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Let our calculator do the hard work for you

Our easy-to-use platform will measure the carbon footprint of all suppliers, whether you are a  caterer, location providers, camera suppliers, costumiers, IT support and more.

As we continue to advise on all the major film and TV shows, suppliers who are working on their carbon reduction strategies will become our preferred choice. 

Studios and productions are increasingly looking for suppliers that align with their sustainability goals.

Use the Roots Carbon Calculator to show you’re not just part of the industry—you’re leading it into a greener future.

Join the Green Suppliers Network Resource Survey

Share your thoughts, challenges, and needs to work in a more environmentally friendly way in film and TV production. 

We want to understand your perspective on environmentally friendly practices and the obstacles you may encounter. Are you up-to-date with legislation and industry targets? How prepared do you feel? Do you think going green will give your business an edge?

The results will inform existing Industry Directories for green suppliers and our NEW Green Supplier Resource Network. And as as a thank you, you will receive Initial Roots Reduction Tips to start you on your journey. 

Tailored packages to suit your business

As a film and TV supplier, you want to make sure your business practices are aligned to studio and industry targets. Our how-to-guides, resources, instant impact reduction kit and strategic planning services can help empower you on your environmental  journey, from quick wins right through to delivering sustainable projects long-term. We also work in partnership with suppliers – connecting you via our new Green Supplier Network, enabling collective action across film & TV  for even greater impact.


Let’s get you started

£ 499* Annually
  • Access to 'Roots' the Sustainable Film Carbon Calculator
  • Online in depth "How To" guides
  • Instant impact reduction toolkit
  • Annual carbon footprint report
  • Multi user access to online portal
  • Technical support
  • Seal of approval to use on media platforms


Offering more support

£ 2,225* Annually
  • Includes all Bronze benefits plus
  • Initial consultation to guide you through the process
  • Onboarding and data gathering support with templates
  • Interpretations of results from consultants to create carbon reduction strategies
  • Recognition, certification & carbon offsetting advice and recommendations
  • Phone support


A tailored strategy with ongoing support

Bespoke Annually
  • Includes all Silver benefits
  • Data reviewed and inputted by Roots experts
  • Quarterly carbon footprint report and reassessment of sustainability goals every 6 months.
  • Annual Executive Summary of goal progress and carbon reductions
  • Waste management plan and waste reduction strategy
  • Advice on optimal marketing of results
  • Support from experienced Sustainability team throughout

Working together for positive change

“We know that the studios are examining the whole value chain and demanding action.

Transforming how we all do business is the only way to create a positive impact. More and more organisations are looking at their supply chain as part of their reduction strategies. 

Putting sustainability front-and-centre in your business plan doesn’t just help you adapt to new regulations – it marks you out as an ambitious and responsible company.”

Amelia Price, Co-Director, Sustainable Film

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