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Give your business the competitive edge by addressing your emissions with our new calculator

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Get ahead of Scope 3 regulations and reduce your emissions now

As we continue to advise on all the major film and TV shows, we prioritise recommending suppliers who are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.  

Our new carbon calculator Roots, can easily measure your carbon footprint and provides you with an  impact reduction toolkit. 

As the studios become more conscious of their supply chain emissions known as Scope 3, sustainable suppliers with carbon reduction strategies will become their preferred choice. 

It’s becoming increasingly important for all suppliers to address their impact.

So, are you ready to start making a difference?

Tackle your carbon emissions faster
with three tailored packages

Choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold and benefit from:

  • direct access to Roots industry specific carbon calculator 

  • how-to guides and technical resources

  • instant impact reduction toolkit

  • bespoke carbon reduction strategies

  • marketing messages about your achievements

Working together for positive change

“We know that the studios are examining the whole value chain and demanding action.

Transforming how we all do business is the only way to create a positive impact. More and more organisations are declaring Scope 3 as part of their decarbonisation strategies. Roots will help them interpret what that means for their business’s net zero plans.

Putting sustainability front-and-centre in your business plan doesn’t just help you adapt to new regulations – it marks you out as an ambitious and responsible company.”

Amelia Price, Co-Director, Sustainable Film


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