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Sustainable Film is a consultancy that combines environmental expertise with years of film industry experience. 

Through positive collaboration, we can help to make each department more efficient and sustainable. Working with the best suppliers while minimizing waste and reducing carbon footprints, all without compromising your creative vision. 

Let us help push the boundaries for a greener, better tomorrow!

Sustainable Film

Reducing your environmental impact is easier than you think Steps for innovative and efficient solutions


Our dynamic Sustainability Team will work on set, forging positive relationships with your crew

Save time
and money

Our affordable and efficient sustainable recommendations will keep your budget on track

Cut down on
your admin

We can design and implement your internal environmental policies at studio level

Reduce your

We offer efficient waste management and reuse solutions for production assets

Discover the best suppliers

Through our network you can lower your scope 3 emissions from your supply chain

Specialist problem

We can provide one off consultations and troubleshooting for specific issues on set

Show your commitment

Achieve Carbon Certification (Albert, Green Production Guide & AdGreen) with our guidance

the change

Adopt innovative technologies and solutions that go beyond the film and TV industry

Our story

Experienced production professionals Jimmy Keeping and Amelia Price joined forces to revolutionise the world of film and TV production. 

Over a combined 30 years in production they’ve witnessed the widespread waste and unsustainable practices endemic in the industry.

Their dynamic partnership as Sustainable Film has inspired a growing community of producers and crews to embrace environmental responsibility as an everyday practice.   

With their expertise in the production they are actively raising awareness and promoting sustainability across the entire UK industry and working internationally. 

Join them in their quest for a brighter, greener future. 

Amelia Price, co-founder of Sustainable Film.
Jimmy Keeping, Director Sustainable Film

Your Root to becoming a leading sustainable supplier

If you are a supplier to the film and TV industry, our new carbon calculator Roots can help you to be greener and win more business.

Lead the way to sustainability and start to understand your carbon emissions and how to reduce them. 

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