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Expert panel at Focus: Go Green and Grow Your Business

Discover the real challenges and obstacles of sustainability in the film industry with exclusive insights from leading industry panel.

This session will announce the results of Sustainable Film’s Green Supplier Network Survey, revealing the challenges that our supply chain faces when trying to be environmentally friendly.

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Survey Supply Chain

Make your voice heard in the industry supply chain

Looking for cost-effective solutions to improve your production’s environmental impact and achieve Green Production Guild and albert certification? Look no further than Sustainable Film, a UK-based film consultancy. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for productions and studios of all sizes. With our help, you can reduce your carbon footprint, minimise waste, and promote sustainable practices in the film industry. Trust Sustainable Film to help you achieve your environmental goals without sacrificing creativity or quality. Contact us today to learn more.

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How can we utilise the natural world?

Many of the films we love could not exist without the influence of the natural world. From lovable cartoon animals to epic sprawling landscapes, clearly film is impacted by the environment. But how is the environment impacted by film? 

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