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Sustainable Film wants to hear from suppliers! Take our survey to help us understand your needs and make our services more sustainable. We'll ask about your challenges, incentives, regulations, and

Sustainable Film has launched a survey to engage with suppliers in the film and TV industry. The survey seeks to discover how we can best support suppliers as they strive for sustainability.

The financial pressures and tight deadlines of the industry’s supply chain are well known, as is the importance of adaptability and agility. By putting sustainability first in their business plans, companies can mark themselves out as ambitious and responsible, helping them unlock new business opportunities and attract top talent.

Through their work with studios and productions, Sustainable Film understands that suppliers have limited time, limited budgets and may be hesitant to address their environmental footprint.

That’s why they are looking for feedback from those within the industry.

They want to find out what is stopping them from understanding their impact? What are the barriers preventing them from looking at their footprint and trying to reduce it? What types of practices do they see everyday? What type of issues are they facing?

With this survey, they hope to get a better understanding of how the industry can support suppliers in making their services more sustainable.

“We want to talk openly with suppliers,” said Sustainable Film Director Amelia Price, “to find out how we can best support them. Our survey will ask questions such as: What challenges have you faced in trying to make your services more sustainable? Do you think there should be more incentives or regulations put in place to encourage sustainability in the film industry? Do you think there needs to be more support for suppliers to reduce their impact and develop sustainable ways of working? Let’s get this conversation going”

By engaging with these vital members of our industry, this survey hopes to gain valuable insight into how we can all work together towards a greener future for film and television production.

The results will be shared with industry bodies to raise awareness about the needs of suppliers on their environmental journey.