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Our co-director Amelia Price also co-founded The Generator Project - the initiative nominated for the Makers and Shakers Sustainability Award to aid the transition to cleaner power generation on sets.

Traditional generators have dreadful impacts on air quality and the subsequent damage caused to the environment and people’s health. By tracking power requirements of different productions, the initiative investigates what works and what doesn’t; connecting suppliers who invest in clean power with crew who are keen to do things differently. The Generator Project is a collaboration between film & TV Crew, Production Companies, Film Offices and Equipment Suppliers who want to help speed up our industry’s transition to an energy-efficient, lower-carbon future. 

The Generator Project’s aim is to encourage more availability of Stage V generators, promote emerging Battery Technology, Green HVO and Hydrogen. They publish findings of their research through their newsletter – sign up here.

“Productions can’t hire what isn’t offered, but sometimes suppliers don’t realise there is interest for sustainable options. Sometimes the industry needs a little help to connect productions and suppliers. The Generator Project bridges that gap.” – Amelia Price

Not sure what the alternatives are to diesel generators? Have a look at their Resources page. It shares a range of innovative solutions along with a directory of suppliers.

Looking for specific advice on your production’s power? Reach out directly to