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With the UK crew and suppliers hit hard by the strikes, it was great to have a day of positivity with everyone coming together and celebrating the new tech our

On the 12th of October, the Sustainability Working Group from the Production Guild of Great Britain organised an event in collaboration with Warner Brothers Studio Leavesden

The event was an opportunity for suppliers to showcase their latest developments in sustainable technology, but it also meant that crew members also had the opportunity to  get up close and personal with new equipment such as batteries and hydrogen so that they can better understand how this technology works.  

Small independent suppliers are the backbone of our industry, the late night phone calls and last minute changes of mind are all things they understand as being the norm when delivering a service to productions.  Without them, sets wouldn’t be powered, cast wouldn’t have anything to wear, and there would be no cameras to roll!

The major studios and streamers are becoming more ambitious with their environmental targets, and the focus is shifting to our supply chain.

 But many of our key suppliers are independent businesses with limited resources so we need to ensure we give our supply chain sufficient support.

But all of these businesses are unique, and so in order for the industry to work together, we need to understand what the biggest barriers are for our key suppliers. 

We’re asking all suppliers to take part in our Green Supplier Network Survey and we’ll showcase the results at a Sustainable Business Workshop at Focus in December.  

In the future, our suppliers will be put under greater scrutiny, we need to ensure we’re there to support them.

Production Guild Sustainable Working Group
Meet the Production Guild Sustainability Working Group, chaired by Amelia Price, Co Founder. Sustainable Film

Production Guild Sustainability Working Group:

Vice Chair is Production Supervisor Lorraine Edwards. Committee members are: Bianca Gavin – Head of Production, Pulse Films; Karl Liegis – Head of Production, 60Forty Films; Louise Smith – Founder of Neptune Sustainability, Production Manager Matt Spooner and Charlotte Ashby – Head of Production, Carnival Films, Ella Nevill, Head of Partnerships and Development CAMA AssetStore