Sustainable Film Logo in green
Barbie: Green is the new pink!


Following the premiere of Barbie we'd like to congratulate everyone for such a success! We loved supporting the production to become as sustainable as possible.

We’d like to thank Warner Bros. Discovery, the cast and the crew for their outstanding efforts to make a greener production – it really was a pleasure to work with you all. 

We started this production in fairly difficult, post-Covid circumstances but the production as a whole was a really good antidote to ‘the new normal’. All Key Stakeholders were instrumental in designing the sustainability plan and overseeing it through, prep, shoot and wrap. The crew were continually receptive to the goals and plans in place and the sheer amount of buy-in from cast and crew was phenomenal!

“Sustainable Film has made it simple for me as a UPM to communicate, implement and

oversee sustainability across the whole production. The informative Sustainability Action

Plan they put together for us enabled me to have an overview of each department whilst

also focusing on the key issues. The contact throughout the production was

comprehensive, the regular Executive Reports really helped to inform our Key

Stakeholders of the sustainability wins and challenges we faced, and the crew contact

was engaging, fun and brought sustainability to the forefront of our crew’s thoughts.

Being able to help source sustainable products and services and quickly respond to

recycling/reuse requests was especially important to me and Sustainable Film has

helped introduce me to suppliers and services that I will continue to use on future


– Beth Timbrell – UPM – Barbie (2023)

Our team celebrated its release at the Cast and Crew screening on Sunday. Enjoy!