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Expert panel at Focus: Go Green and Grow Your Business


Discover the real challenges and obstacles of sustainability in the film industry with exclusive insights from leading industry panel. This session will announce the results of Sustainable Film's Green Supplier

Focus Invitation: The secret to meeting studio expectations

Attendees of Focus are invited to our presentation: “Go Green and Grow Your Business” where you’ll get an exclusive look at the challenges of sustainability in the film industry from our expert industry panel.

Guests will have the chance to discover what studio execs really expect from their supply chain and learn about the impact of Scope 3 on your business. Plus, we’ll reveal strategies for meeting studio sustainability expectations and accessing support.

And that’s not all! We’ll also be sharing insights from our Green Supplier Network Survey which you kindly participated in and be giving exclusive green gifts to our guests.

This session takes place on Wednesday, 06 Dec 2023 from 15:40 – 16:20 in the Presentation Theatre, at the Focus exhibition, Islington, London.  

You can also meet me and the Sustainable Film team throughout the two days where we’ll be showcasing at stand M24. If you’d like to schedule a meeting let me know and I can book in a time to suit you.

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