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Sustainable Film Partners with British Film Designer’s Guild to Support Planet Positive Practices


Sustainable Film and the BFDG share a passionate belief that the future of film lies not just in extraordinary storytelling but...

Sustainable Film and the British Film Designer’s Guild (BFDG) share a passionate belief that the future of film lies not just in extraordinary storytelling but in the environmental footprint that narrative leaves behind. By joining the BFDG as corporate partners and supporting them with their sustainability initiatives, Sustainable Film is merging creativity and environmental stewardship that promises to reshape the industry for the better.

Championing excellence in production design

The BFDG has stood as an integral component of the British film industry. By fostering creativity through sharing of knowledge, mentoring and peer to peer support, the Guild has consistently raised standards, ensuring that British design talent continues to be celebrated globally. Now, the BFDG is poised to lead a movement towards sustainability in design, and we are proud to join this movement with them.

Their Planet Positive Award entries announced today, sponsored by Sky Elstree is an excellent example of pioneering unseen sustainable practices in film and TV production.

Sustainable Film will be focused on several key areas with the BFDG:

  • Corporate Commitment: As a corporate member, Sustainable Film is dedicated to engaging in discussions and initiatives with their members, centered around advancing sustainability in every facet of production design.
  • Carbon Footprint Calculations: As part of its corporate social responsibility, Sustainable Film is working with the BFDG to calculate the carbon footprint of the awards gala.
  • Sustainability Research Support: We are proud to sponsor our colleague Yosien Burke’s outreach initiatives connected to the best practices in innovative set design and reuse. Our focus is on exploring exemplary practices in production and devising plans for innovative projects in 2024.
  • Planet Positive Award judging: We are thrilled to announce that our Co-Founder, Jimmy Keeping, contributed as a member of the judging panel for the 2024 Planet Positive Awards.
Jimmy Keeping

“It was an honour to be part of the BFDG’s Planet Positive Award judging panel, alongside BAFTA albert, sustainability, production and art department professionals. The innovative use of materials and focus on circular set design was really inspiring. It’s fantastic the BFDG are showcasing these entries on their website not only to celebrate good practice but to foster peer to peer learning and skills development. Congratulations to all the entries, sustainability consultants and productions!” Jimmy Keeping, Co-Founder, Sustainable Film

There are exceptional Production Designers and Art Department professionals who are championing sustainable practice and significantly reducing waste on film sets. Their work is often going unnoticed outside of their department. The Planet Positive Award give a voice to those sustainability champions throughout production and the BFDG membership.

” Through my BFDG research with members, we have identified pioneering individuals who are constructing sets with innovative materials such as cardboard, sourcing used materials and props, excelling in repurposing sets and flats, using Virtual Production and CGI to reduce impact, and effectively organising set donation and reuse prior to project completion. We are proud to be amplifying these good practices in the industry, working alongside all the sustainability agencies in film & TV” shares Yosien Burke, Communications Consultant, BFDG and Sustainable Film.

See all the entries for the Planet Positive Award, sponsored by Sky Elstree, on the BFDG website here: PLANET POSITIVE AWARD PRESENTATIONS IN FULL